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Indigenous communities

Mediation serving First Nations businesses and entrepreneurs

Aware of the impact conflict can have on First Nations businesses and entrepreneurs, and the importance of maintaining business relationships, IMAQ collaborated with the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Economic Development Commission (FNQLEDC) to develop a suite of tools and resources to facilitate conflict resolution outside the courts, thanks to mediation services.

Exclusive content

Access two informative videos on mediation in French and English, a list of 14 mediators trained in indigenous realities and issues, as well as a training webinar on mediation approaches in indigenous contexts.

See this page in French.

Mediation resources for indigenous economic players

Mediation videos in layman’s terms, developed with our partners at la Boîte Rouge Vif.

Mediation : Playing an active role in managing conflicts (3:56)

Mediation turns you from a passive observer into an active player, and gives you back control over the conflicts that affect you and your organization.

Mediation : Resolving conflict and preserving the relationship (4:02)

Mediation: a great alternative to court for dispute resolution in order to maintain healthy relationships with business partners and colleagues.

Find a mediator trained and sensitized to indigenous realities and issues

A beneficial partnership

IMAQ worked in close collaboration with the Ashukan Institute to compile a list of dedicated mediators, and to train and sensitize them to mediation practices that respect issues specific to indigenous communities.

This project finalized thanks to financial collaboration with